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Indie Cinema Showcase is a Florida based television show that spotlights the independent film community in Central Florida as well as the talents of filmmakers from all over the state. Indie Cinema Showcase will being airing on Vision TV (Channel 492 on Spectrum, Channel 98 on Comcast,1082 on CenturyLink Prism TV, 10.3 Digital Over the Air. Additional online viewing on Youtube and Roku and Apple TV. (coming soon)

Season 1 & 2 Produced by Gerald J Godbout III & John Theisen

Written by John Theisen

Season 3 Produced by Gerald J Godbout III & Allan Marrero

Written by Gerald J Godbout III

Season 4 Produced by Gerald J Godbout III

Written by Gerald J Godbout III, Nando Luis Roman & Christina Carmona

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Past episodes can be seen on Youtube

2010 thru 2014

Future Episodes will be uploaded on

Youtube after they air on TV