Legends A Friday The 13th Tale (2004)

42min   |   English   |  Horror

Producers / Niel J Guilarte & Gerald J Godbout III

Editor / Gerald J Godbout III

Written & Directed / Gerald J Godbout III

Michael wants to be the next Stephen King and has been always writing short stories since he's been a kid. But when he gets hit with writers block his sister Laurie and their friends decide to take him out camping for the weekend. Their hope is that the fresh air will do him good and even though he fights it at first he agrees to give it a try.  But what starts out as a fun trip turns into a terror  when they discover they are all trapped in what they thought was only a movie.  Jason Voorhees has found his new Crystal Lake and can Michael his sister and their friends escape his blood bath. 

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