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Directors:  Gerald J Godbout III

Screenwriter:  Gerald J Godbout III

Genre:  Horror

Runtime: 13:00

Rated PG-13: Terror and Horror Violence


Do You Believe In Ghosts? 
It's just like any other night for Sher as she sits down to watch the newest Netfilx movie. However on this night she will receive a text from a stranger offering her a chance to download a new app. One that will let her see what can not be seen with the naked eye, The Other Side. But this app comes with a warning, a warning Sher will ignore, a warning for all users that something may be waiting for them on the other side.


Directors:  Gerald J Godbout III

Screenwriter:  Gerald J Godbout III

Genre:   Action / Drama

Runtime: 25:00

Rated R: Language, Violence & Nudity

Cousins Anthony and Frank have grown up in the streets learning to trust only each other.

In and out of Juvenal detention and as they got older they learned to work the system. Getting into everything

from boosting cars and stolen merchandise, the cousins slowly made a name for themselves. Then, with a chance meeting with a crooked cop the cousins are introduced to the sex trade underworld.

Escorts and Strippers become their business, and that catches the attention of the Russian mob. They offer the cousins a deal to buy into the business,and that’s when things start to go bad for the cousins. As their grip to

their business starts to give way the cousins are forced into a confrontation that neither are prepared for.

Directors:  Gerald J Godbout III

Screenwriter:  Gerald J Godbout III

Genre:  Horror

Runtime: 1:25:00

Rated R: Language, Violence 


It’s been 10 years since John Tate had to run away from his family’s curse, his mother dead, his girl friend Molly murdered and his uncle the boogyman has vanished. John is on the run changing his name and always moving from place to place hoping the boogyman will never find him. Yet every Halloween since he has been tormented by nightmares. Dreams which seems to connect him to the past and a half sister Jamie he never knew he had. Now after all these years she tells him their Uncle is coming for him and she needs his help to stop him once and for all. Can John keep running from his past and escape his mothers curse or will he have to face his destiny head on in a final confrontation with the man that has changed the name of

Halloween forever, “Michael Myers”


Directors:  Gerald J Godbout III

Screenwriter:  Gerald J Godbout III & Chris Lott

Genre:  Horror / Suspence

Runtime: 1:18:00

Rated PG-13: Language, Terror and Horror Violence


In the tradition of Creepshow and Twilight Zone a collection of short stories from Mystery, Thiller & Horror.

Michelle has been baby sitting for years however this time the young boy she sits for has a secret and imaginary friend who may turn out to be not as imaginary as she thought.


Michael's father has just been executed for the murder of over a dozen women, he thought this would end his childhood nightmare but soon he discovers that his father is far from dead.


Bryanna has always been fascinated by ghost and this time she gets to talk with one when she discovers an Ouija board in her attic. So on the night her sister pays her a visit Bryanna opens the door to the other side and soon learns that sometime you should never play with things that are beyond your control.


Directors:  Gerald J Godbout III

Screenwriter: Gerald J Godbout III

Genre:  Horror

Runtime: 42:00

Rated R: Language, Violence


Michael wants to be the next Stephen King and has been always writing short stories since he's been a kid. But when he gets hit with writers block his sister Laurie and their friends decide to take him out camping for the weekend. Their hope is that the fresh air will do him good and even though he fights it at first he agrees to give it a try.  But what starts out as a fun trip turns into a terror  when they discover they are all trapped in what they thought was only a movie.  Jason Voorhees has found his new Crystal Lake and can Michael his sister and their friends escape his blood bath. 

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