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Godbout Entertainment

About Us

Godbout Entertainment started back in 1990 as Detour Records. A Miami Based Dance Music Label, producing some of the hottest Freestyle, Dance & House music of the 90's. For 10 years Gerald produce and recorded some of the hottest singers and musicians in the Miami area. Musicians and Producers from the VILLAGE PEOPLE, INSTANT FUNK, PATTI LA BELLE, CINDY LAUPER, JAMES BROWN, GLORIA ESTEFAN, 2 UNLIMITED, GUCCI CREW II, L-TRIMM and EXPOSE' and Artist like TITO PUENTE JR, CALI ALEMAN all recorded and spent time at Gerald recording studio which was affectionally called The Dungeon. Detour Records music will go on charting all over the globe releasing four compilation and one album and more than a doze top 10 dance singles. Gerald would also become a voting member of the GRAMMY AWARDS.


After 10 year, CEO Gerald J Godbout III decided it was time to move on. Starting Godbout Entertainment was the first step. Second was to change location from Miami to Orlando FL. Third was to take his experience and knowledge in the music business and apply it to his childhood dream of being a Filmmaker. Since then Godbout Entertainment has become an AWARD winning production company with Gerald winning multiple BRONZE TELLY AWARDS and SILVER TELLY AWARDS, Multiple EMMY NOMINATIONS and a 

EMMY® AWARD win for a kids sports show called Sports Zone. Godbout's shorts and feature films have garnered huge accolades from industry professionals and fans alike with Legends "A Friday The 13th Tale" & Legends 2 "A Halloween Tale" being downloaded and viewed over 4 million times respectively. Legends has also appear on several horror sites listed as being one of the top 10 best horror fan films around.


In 2016 his short film Ghost App won several Best of Festival Awards and has been turned into a feature script. In 2018 Gerald Directed & Edited a concept film Trailer for the film MMA "Never Surrender" which and gone on and won multiple film festival awards including a Silver Telly Award. Gerald has also edited and produced many other award winning TV shows like Winter With The Writers, Sports Zone, Playwrights Round Table, Destination Orange County and his own show Indie Cinema Showcase.

In 2015 Gerald received another EMMY NOMINATION for the first documentary he worked on called Silver Wings/Flying Dreams about the first women Air Force Pilots during WW2. This documentary also won a Silver Telly Award and his part of the Women History Museum about the WASP.


Gerald was also a voting member of the local chapter of the Emmy Awards.

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